ARDI is an innovation platform designed to enable the rapid development and deployment of real-time, contextual asset information solutions - using modern technology to deliver knowledge that is convenient and easily understood.

Meeting Modern Challenges

Consolidate your Data

Bring your scattered asset information to a single, consistent place.

Distribute It Effectively

Give it to your users clearly, where and when they need it.

Make It Understandable

Help companies make sense of their big data.

Empower Your Users With

Responsive Web

Access data anywhere, anytime on almost any device using the Web.

Augmented Reality

Get asset information instantly, simply by looking at your equipment

Virtual Reality & 3D

View any part of your site, at any time, from any angle in 3D.

ARDI Provides


ARDI consolidates your asset information into one, consistent and easy-to-access point.


Deliver complex information to users in a clear, concise and effective way, to allow them to make better, safer decisions.


Utilise the latest technology to provide information in new, powerful and effective ways.


Allow contractors and new staff to quickly familiarise themselves and work independently sooner.


Gain a deeper understanding by having full control of where you are in space and in time and what you are looking at.


Provide simple access to other software packages so they can use and contribute ARDI data.

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User Feedback

  • A powerful component of the system is the Asset Relationship Data Integration (ARDI) service that relates assets together with user-defined relationships. The information is available at your fingertips in a contextualised way whilst being on site at the particular asset.

    Feedback from Snowy Hydro

  • Technicians … discovered the value of using the system from their own phone and saw that it would be of particular benefit with calibration of instrumentation, fault-finding, cross referencing of like information across multiple units and monitoring the condition of the assets

    Feedback from Snowy Hydro

  • New people to the business including apprentices and Technicians appreciated having full access to point of truth data without needing to know how to navigate complex control systems and Historian software packages.

    Feedback from Snowy Hydro