The web for all devices, large and small

ARDI doesn’t only scale with your application, it can scale with your device.

Unlike traditional web pages – which were usually designed for desktop computers – responsive web pages are designed to work with all sizes of device, from small smartphones to large high-definition displays.

All of the standard user* functions of ARDI are designed to be responsive, scaling from the small display on the early-model iPhones to the latest 4K ultra-wide TV.

This means if you have a suitable connection to your network, your ARDI data is available everywhere, from practically any modern device.

Asset dashboards, live and historical charts, analytical functions and reports are all available from devices of any size or type. In fact, you can even administer your system from a tablet or smartphone*.

You can see the introduction to our web interface here.

Beyond the web, you can access ARDI using Augmented Reality and Virtual Environments.

* – A very small number of administrative functions – such as placing assets on maps – are only suitable to desktop PCs. All others are responsive and suitable to small-screen devices.