Street View* for your Plant
  • Explore remote and inaccessible environments at any time​

  • Minimise dependence on other personnel for site and asset knowledge

  • Enhance planning efficiency and effectiveness​

  • Step on-site with greater understanding of location and activities required

* Street View is a trademark of Google Inc. Google is not associated with this product, except where Google services may be used to enhance product features.

Locate Assets

Know where an asset is, what it looks like, and how to navigate a site to find it.​

Extremely useful for personnel unfamiliar with a location.​

Access Data

Click on an asset to receive information about what it is, what it's doing, its status, what it’s connected to, and its documentation.​

Support Remotely

Expert staff can easily assist less experienced workers who are performing tasks on-site. ARDI-360 improves communication by adding context.​

Review Incidents

Clarify process or safety mishaps to stakeholders, away from the area of concern, by detailing the location of an event and its environment.​

Improve Inductions

Guide people around your facility without the need for site access permissions, signing on, or safety briefings.​

Reduce the cost of introducing contractors to a new site.​

Modify as you Grow

Use off-the-shelf cameras and software to easily update 360. This means your interactive photographs can remain up-to-date as your plant grows or you replace assets. ​