Addons enhance ARDI by adding new functionality and new sources of data to the product.

While drivers take care of fetching fast-moving numeric data, addons are responsible for syncing data with other sources of information, such as documentation repositories, maintenance systems and other business systems.

They also provide brand new functions and connect ARDI to other systems.

Featured Addons

Some core addons we suggest for most installations include…

AQL – leverage the ARDI Query Language to unlock your ARDI data through a single endpoint, allowing easy production of reports and machine-learning solutions.

Network – provides a network graph visualisation of your ARDI relationships, ideal for a visual error-check during design, and providing insight to the complexities and bottlenecks in your process.

Grafana – bring ARDI data directly into Grafana charts and dashboards.

Addon List

Data & Documentation

Netilion – Connects with E+H Netilion to provide asset-specific resources such as manuals, model numbers, product range status and more.

OpenWeatherMap – Provides current weather information for any ARDI asset with a GPS location or address.

Wiki – Provides links to online/intranet Wiki pages based on the attributes of your asset.

CMIS – Access documentation via Content Management Integration Services (a common protocol for document management systems).

Mayan – Access documentation from the Mayan open-source document management system

Odoo – Access maintenance information from Odoo servers.


360 – Delivers web-based ARDI-360 experiences from your ARDI web service with no download required.

ClientDownload – Allow your users to directly download ARDI clients from the web server. Also enables automatic update reminders for clients.

Checklist – Produce online, interactive, data-aware checklists for common work tasks.


ReportList – integrate your Python-powered reporting directly into the ARDI web interface, including the ability to distribute hourly/shiftly/daily reports throughout your organisation.

Data Delivery

Push-Warp10 – Don’t have a historian? This Push addon delivers incoming live data to a Warp10 historian for recording.

Push-MQTT – Need to distribute your information further, or want to access systems such as PowerBI? This Push addon delivers incoming live data to an MQTT message broker for distribution and consumption.