The Benefits of AR

While the ARDI server is intended to provide asset information to all levels of your business, our ARDI-AR augmented reality client is specifically designed for field personnel.

When provided with accurate, clear information, site personnel can make better, safer and more well-informed decisions.

Its specific advantages are…

Improved Efficiency

By delivering all of the information to the user quickly and easily, you can realise significant efficiency improvements during maintenance and breakdown tasks.

Staff or contractors on site….

  • Can confirm the identity of the asset they are looking at
  • Don’t have to interact with the control room for live information or re-locate to nearby HMI displays
  • Don’t have to be trained in multiple different software systems in order to get information
  • Can view live or historical trends in at any time, in the field
  • Are aware of what assets are connected to this one – not only physically, but also logically
  • Can receive zero-energy or isolation feedback (although manual testing should always still occur)
  • Are made aware of alerts on the asset they are looking at, and also upstream assets that may affect it
  • Can make adjustments in the field and get immediate feedback on the outcomes.

By using theĀ Checklist addon, you can take this further and fill in maintenance, inspection and isolation checklists on your mobile device – convenient and paperless. Even better, some checklist items can require photographic evidence (i.e. your staff take a photo of their isolation from their mobile phone), or can require I/O confirmation (you can’t proceed until the control system sees power cut off to the item you’re isolating).

Improved Safety

Every step a person has to take to access proper safety or procedural documentation is yet another reason not to bother – which means that when safe work procedures are updated, staff continue to use the old procedures, or worse they don’t follow any at all.

ARDI-AR allows you to deliver the latest safety and procedural documentation directly to the person in the field – they can even fill in forms and submit them electronically. Because ARDI can source these documents directly from your Document Management System, they are always up to date and relevant.

It tears down the hurdles that separate people from the documentation that keeps them safe.

This means that users…

  • Have a single, easy step to access the latest documentation
  • Don’t need to be trained in the document management systems
  • Don’t need to return to the control room or filing system to get procedures
  • Can submit forms and documentation in the field, in a paperless environment.

Outside just documentation, ARDI’s other information means that…

  • Are notified of potential isolation failuresĀ before they manually test.
  • Can check on the existence and location of manual energy indication points.