ARDI-AR runs on most Android and iOS (Apple) devices, as well as Windows -based tablets.

You do not pay a per-device license for the ARDI-AR app – in fact, it’s a free download from the Play Store or Apple App Store.

You can have a small pool of shared devices that belong to your site/facility which users can take with them, but our recommended solution – should you have suitable IT infrastructure – is to allow users to connect to your ARDI server from their own phones.

There are several reasons why this is attractive –

  • Your staff most likely already own their own smart device, reducing outlay and ensuring that devices are available for those who need access to them.
  • Your staff are invested in keeping their own device charged, ensuring high availability and removing the ‘charging bottleneck’ present with shared company-owned devices.
  • Users are already quite familiar with the usage of their smart-phone, removing problems in learning how to navigate a possibly unfamiliar operating system.
  • Staff are already comfortable with the size of their screen and have already made comfortable arrangements for carrying it on-site.

In terms of device size, we find that tablets are actually counter-productive. Unless they are already carrying tablet devices into the field for other applications, we generally find that their size and inconvenience far outweighs the advantages of the larger screen.

For those with challenging environments and explosive atmospheres, a range of tablets, smartphones and smart-watches are available from Pepperl+Fuchs

For more details, visit our AR Frequently Asked Questions.