If you’ve spent time looking up industrial Augmented Reality, you will have seen videos of people being guided through complex tasks with step-by-step instructions overlaid onto their view of a machine.

Currently, ARDI-AR doesn’t offer this – we are there to provide the data behind the machine. We do provide manuals, interactive checklists and videos of the process, but we don’t show you specifically which bolt to undo. But there are reasons we took this approach.

Safety Concerns

Most importantly are our safety concerns. The vast majority of these interactive instructions are only really useful if you have both hands free. They are suited to high-end AR headsets, not mobile devices.

In fact, you’d be much safer watching a video and then performing the task than you would be trying to do mechanical tasks with only one hand, while struggling to keep the camera properly aligned on your phone with the other. It’s distracting and dangerous.

As such, we’ve determined that for our target usage, this sort of feature isn’t currently attractive. However we will certainly review the situation with the release of the Hololens 2 and other commercially-available AR headsets.

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