ARDI-AR brings augmented reality to business and industry.

Even when your information is consolidated into one place, it’s difficult to get staff to actually use it. Every action or step you put between them and the data they need to work safely is another barrier to them using it regularly.

That’s why ARDI-AR was developed. It allows your users to access asset information intuitively, quickly and on a device they already have in their pocket and are familiar with.

Download ARDI-AR for yourself from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) – we have a demo server to help you get to know ARDI-AR.

You can also watch our user instructions for ARDI-AR to discover how it works and what the user interface does.

And you can learn more about AR and our solutions in our breakdown of ARDI-AR benefits and our Augmented Reality FAQ.

As well as AR, you can access ARDI using our Web Portal, Interactive Photographic and Virtual Environment clients.