ARDI-VE is our virtual environment client for ARDI.

ARDI-VE gives you new perspectives on your data – both figuratively and literally.

The program takes your asset data and uses it to create an interactive version of your plant that responds to both live and historical data.

With ARDI-VE, you can…

  • View your plant from any angle, including those that are simply impossible in the real world
  • See and compare properties within your assets – across a single system, or across the entire site.
  • Understand and absorb big data easily
  • Explore every relationship an asset has in one display.
  • Take your plant back to any point in recorded history.
  • Replay events in real-time, slow motion, or fast-forward through entire shifts.
  • Compare against the past, against nameplate, ideal, predicted or simulated data.

By presenting complex information in it’s environment, it’s possible to interpret thousands of values at the same time.

ARDI Philosophies

A Focus on the Assets, not the Environment
Leading Users to Precise Data

The ARDI Advantage

Traditionally, creating an interactive 3D version of your plant is an expensive and time-consuming process. Not only do these experiences take a very specific set of skills to create, they need those same skills to update and maintain when your process changes.

ARDI makes it easy for users to create their environment and fill it with assets with only a small amount of training. You can download from our library of 3D models, or add your own.

Even the creation of your environment can be made easy – just upload your floorplans for a basic view of your plant, use existing 3D models or send your plans to Optrix and have them converted to 3D quickly and cost-effectively.