Start out general and then zoom into specifics

The best way to provide large volumes of data to users is to be indicative rather than precise. If you’re looking at an entire plant, there’s no need to know all 100 tempeerature measurements to the tenth-of-a-degree – reading lists of numbers is hopelessly ineffective.

ARDI displays the information using simple techniques, such as colouring the assets according to a scale. This allows you to see the relative values on your assets and get an excellent indication of what assets are acting differently to their neighbours and how that difference is distributed across your plant.

This allows users to quickly isolate and focus on areas of interest, and once you are looking closely you can easily get access to the precise information that you may need to get the complete picture.

This is a cornerstone of ARDI-VE – using easily-interpreted visual queues to help users find where they should be looking for problems or improvements.