ARDI consolidates all of your asset data into one place.

This includes…

Placing all this data in one place is a huge efficiency benefit to all operations, maintenance and field personnel. It not only makes it easy to find, but by having a single consistent interface and login, there’s no need to train staff in a variety of different information management systems.

NOTE Sections in italics are provided as examples only – ARDI is not limited to accessing only these types of data-sources


ARDI delivers information to user cleanly and easily.

Having the information in one place is half the challenge. The second half is getting people to actually use it.

ARDI delivers information through clients, including our Web Portal, Augmented Reality and Virtual Environment packages.

These systems break down the usual barriers to understanding, through…

  • Offering a single, consistent interface and unified login to all of your information.
  • Working across a variety of platforms and form-factors, such as mobile phones and tablets.
  • Making it as simple as possible to get relevant data, using augmented reality.
  • Allowing users to absorb large volumes of information with little effort using realtime 3D and VR.

We will of course continue to follow new advancements in technology and provide solutions to new wearable tech such as Microsoft Hololens, or other emerging technologies and devices as they arrive on the market.


Using up-to-date technology in a lagging field

"If it ‘ain’t broke, don’t fix it" is a standard rule in the industrial space, but an unfortunate side-effect of this policy is that technology in the space tends to lag well behind what people are using in other fields or even in their home.

In fact, dealing with legacy systems is a large complication for industrial engineers world-wide.

The ARDI server acts as a bridge, supporting legacy systems while at the same time making them accessible to current technology, enabling the use of AR in smartphones and 3D on modern desktop and notebook PCs to leverage these powerful technologies in what is often a slow-moving market.


ARDI makes staff less dependent on others

Deploying ARDI makes a huge pool of knowledge easily accessible to users, and is of particular benefit to those new to your company or site.

To someone who isn’t intimately familiar with your equipment, it can be a daunting task to go out and work in the field. Even finding where the instrument actually is can be a challenge in and of itself, let alone knowing how to isolate it, what it’s connected to and how it’s running right now.

ARDI-AR (our augmented reality client) makes learning all of this trivial. New users or contractors can access site maps to locate the asset, documentation on isolation and safe work instructions, verify the identity of the device and confirm that it’s working as expected when the job is done…all from your mobile phone, and all without external assistance from co-workers and the control room.

This makes not only your new worker more efficient, it frees up your other staff to concentrate on more valuable tasks than assisting the recent arrivals.


ARDI provides an incredibly flexible view on your data and your plant

Most HMI (Human-Machine Interfaces) used in industry are inflexible. The designers have come up with a fixed set of pages they allow you to access, and they only show what is happening in the system now – if you want to look back in history, you’ve got to open trends and charts, often in another application all-together.

ARDI doesn’t restrict you like that.

You can adjust your perspective and your filters to look at any part or system of your plant, from any angle, and view information from any time and any context.

You can see properties distributed across the entire plant, watch the statuses of all of the drives in a region, or compare your vibration today versus the measurements taken a year ago or the predictions made last week.

This new perspective on both your plant and your data never ceases to make people aware of new things. In every application we’ve assisted with, our users have become aware of aspects of their plant and identified faults that they’ve never known about.

Because the information is presented in a form that is easy to understand, these problems are obvious to even those who aren’t trained in the systems behind them.


The core ARDI server is a platform for further innovation

ARDI doesn’t just deliver information to it’s clients. It’s also a platform others can build on and with.

We have a policy of openness, where 3rd party products are welcome to integrate with our data at several points, either as an input into our system, or a client that uses our internal and our connected data.

Our open drivers allow people to create their own ARDI driver, which allows you to support exotic, unusual or custom hardware.

Our addin system allows people to build their own component that integrates directly into the ARDI web experience, making tiny or large-scale changes to the features available.

And our set of APIs allow people to develop software that uses our collected information to drive their own software and services.