Checklist Addon

This addon creates mobile-friendly web checklists that interact with your live data and provide ARDI information to users when they need it.

This addon creates easy to use, responsive web checklists that allow users to mark off the steps of a complex job.

Each step can include a text description of the step, but can also reference media such as documents and videos.

Users have access to all normal ARDI asset information, such as live data, isolation instructions, warnings & map locations.

In addition, some list items can have special conditions before they can be checked.

Photo Confirmation requires that the user take a photograph of the system before they can continue. This is most often used to get people to confirm successful isolation by photographing the locked equipment.

Data Confirmation requires that I/O in the field confirms that your work has been successful before it allows you to continue. This is most often used in isolation, where you want to confirm power has dropped off the device the user has isolated before they can proceed to the next step.