After you’ve consolidated your information, we arrive at the next big challenge, and the second of the fundamental goals of ARDI.

We can provide the information, but how do we get the people in our organisation to use it?

As a rule, people do like to make safe, informed decisions – but there are just too many barriers and inconveniences between people and their information.

ARDIs client tools break down those barriers by providing solutions targeted at specific areas of your business.

For the Organisation

The ARDI web interface is suitable for all levels of an organisation, allowing users to get information about assets and systems quickly and easily, even if they have little-to-no understanding of the plant itself.

Using interactive diagrams and simple searches, you can rapidly find what you’re looking for and get up-to-date information on it.

For the Plant

Augmented Reality is our way of getting information directly into the hands of technicians when and where they need it.

AR is all about convenience. We deliver critical information about an asset directly to staff through the most effortless mechanism possible – by simply lifting your phone and looking at it.

No touching, no typing – all of the consolidated information about the asset is literally at their fingertips. And if you provide suitable Wi-Fi access to your staff and contractors, it’s all on a device they already own and are trained in.

For Operators and Engineers

Virtual (3D) environments are an extremely powerful way of both conveying and truly understanding your data, which makes up the third pillar of ARDI – visualisation..

For Other Systems

ARDI is designed to be open.

Using our open driver framework, you can create your own unique input drivers to capture knowledge from exotic or outdated data sources.

Using our API, you can access any of the information in the ARDI database from 3rd party products – get live data updates, history, relationships, asset details, alerts and more fed directly into your own software packages.

Our addin system even allows you to add code directly to the ARDI server, adding new functions and extending existing ones to make the system even more powerful.