Guiding you to the Point of Truth

ARDI consolidates your information in one place

Bring it all together

ARDI gathers all of your information - realtime values, history, documentation, trends, reports and more - into a single place where it can be found easily by anyone who needs it.

ARDI doesn't duplicate your data, it gathers it as needed from the point of truth.

This means that it is always up-to-date information, the storage overhead is minimal, and you don't need to change any of your existing data management and change plans, except for when you add new assets to the field, or remove old ones. It will just fit in with your existing procedures and workflows.

Virtual Reality

Use VR to see your buildings, processes and facilities in ways never before possible, from any point in time and space.

Augmented Reality

Deliver live data, history, procedures, instructions and interactive checklists directly to users, when and where they need it.

Interactive Photographs

Allow people to virtually visit sites, discover how to navigate, find critical equipment and work safely on-site.

Powerful API

Create applications that integrate with ARDI or make use of the ARDI data easily with our web-based REST API.

Open Drivers

Create drivers for your custom, niche, old or cutting-edge equipment and IT systems.

Machine Learning & Advanced Reporting

Utilise your ARDI data for reporting, machine learning and more.