Interactive 360 Photography

ARDI-360 allows you to use panoramic photographs or 360-degree photos to create a Street-View* for your plant.

Using simple tools, you can create a virtual tour of your location – where not only do staff learn how to navigate through your site safely, they also learn exactly where to find equipment, and can interact with it to find it’s current status, documentation and all of the other information available through ARDI.

* Street View is copyright Google Inc – Optrix and ARDI have no affiliation with Google and the name is used simply to indicate a similar feature set.


  • Makes new users familiar with the layout of your site – they learn on their tablet or desktop device, safely and without any inductions.
  • Find not only where assets are, but also how to find your way to them.
  • Quick to build using off-the-shelf photographic equipment and easy to maintain as your plant changes.

To learn more about ARDI-AR, you can visit the ARDI-AR Area.

Use-Case Scenarios

Imagine running a toolbox meeting before a major job.

Using ARDI on a tablet allows you to review the entire work package before you begin, not only showing staff where to find major work items, but reviewing how to walk to each of the isolation points, too.