Desktop 3D and Virtual Reality

ARDI-VE (ARDI Virtual Environments) is the ultimate client for your ARDI data.

Using VE, you create a three-dimensional, virtual version of your plant that you can explore.

We then include live and historical data into that virtual plant, allowing you to see your data in ways that you’ve never been able to before.

This makes it an extraordinarily valuable tool for operators, engineers and in communication with any part of the organisation.


There are many benefits to ARDI-VE – exactly which you’ll get depends on your application and your planned use.

To learn more about ARDI-VE, you can visit the ARDI-VE Area.

Use-Case Scenarios

There are a large number of use-case scenarios around ARDI-VE. These include…

  • Making users more aware of the plant as a whole.
  • Finding assets on site.
  • Planning jobs and learning connections between assets.
  • Viewing maintenance and inspection status plant-wide
  • Viewing properties plant-wide.
  • Examining the state of the plant at previous points in time.
  • Comparing current state against a previous state.
  • As a visual communication aid during meetings, presentations and planning.