ARDI Web Portal

The ARDI web portal gives users access to ARDI information via any modern web browser.

It’s responsive, meaning it almost every page will work across a range of devices from smartphones to desktop PCs.

Users can access asset information, dashboards, diagrams and media from any device without needing to install any additional clients or tools.


  • Provides a simple, consistent interface to your consolidated data – users don’t need to train in a variety of different applications to access different types of information.
  • Works across most platforms and browsers*.
  • Available to multiple tiers of your organisation at once – just as suitable for the boardroom as the control room.
  • Offers interactive relationship diagrams, allowing users to follow how assets are connected.
  • Provides easy access to maps and charting tools.
  • Can be extended with a range of addons that provide additional functionality.

* Incompatible with older versions of Internet Explorer – we suggest Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge.

The web portal is also used to configure your ARDI server, meaning you don’t need to install software to administer your system either – changes can be made in the field from a tablet device.