ARDI delivers information to user cleanly and easily.

Having the information in one place is half the challenge. The second half is getting people to actually use it.

ARDI delivers information through clients, including our Web Portal, Augmented Reality and Virtual Environment packages.

These systems break down the usual barriers to understanding, through…

  • Offering a single, consistent interface and unified login to all of your information.
  • Working across a variety of platforms and form-factors, such as mobile phones and tablets.
  • Making it as simple as possible to get relevant data, using augmented reality.
  • Allowing users to absorb large volumes of information with little effort using realtime 3D and VR.

We will of course continue to follow new advancements in technology and provide solutions to new wearable tech such as Microsoft Hololens, or other emerging technologies and devices as they arrive on the market.

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