ARDI provides an incredibly flexible view on your data and your plant

Most HMI (Human-Machine Interfaces) used in industry are inflexible. The designers have come up with a fixed set of pages they allow you to access, and they only show what is happening in the system now – if you want to look back in history, you’ve got to open trends and charts, often in another application all-together.

ARDI doesn’t restrict you like that.

You can adjust your perspective and your filters to look at any part or system of your plant, from any angle, and view information from any time and any context.

You can see properties distributed across the entire plant, watch the statuses of all of the drives in a region, or compare your vibration today versus the measurements taken a year ago or the predictions made last week.

This new perspective on both your plant and your data never ceases to make people aware of new things. In every application we’ve assisted with, our users have become aware of aspects of their plant and identified faults that they’ve never known about.

Because the information is presented in a form that is easy to understand, these problems are obvious to even those who aren’t trained in the systems behind them.