Location and Connections

While most sites have quality documentation for how assets are connected – electrical and piping diagrams among them – very few sites maintain quality records of where an asset actually is. Location is one of the poorest-documented, yet vital pieces of information found on sites around the world.

Along with all of the other data that ARDI integrates, it understands two properties of your assets that most other systems don’t – location and relationships.

This means that it can pass on the extremely valuable knowledge of where an asset is, both in terms of it’s physical location, and in terms of where it resides in the various process flows and architectures of your plant.

One source that not only tells you where to find it on a map, but where it gets its power, where it gets compressed air, where it sends media and even what instruments directly control it.

Capturing this knowledge has significant benefits for technicians, contractors and all types of field personnel.

ARDI then uses this information to add value to your existing data.

The connections are used to pass information between assets. If you’re looking at an instrument that is on a compressed air line, you can see the temperature and pressure delivered from upstream sensors without having to find them yourself.

Having a problem with a device? ARDI shows you upstream alarms – alerts that are coming from other assets that might be causing issues. If a drive isn’t working, you can quickly see that the circuit breaker is tripped. Machine not starting? See the alert that tells you the network router it’s connected to has failed.