Bringing your data together

Choose what, where, when and how to see your wall.

Control your view in space, time and measurement.

ARDI allows you to view your longwall from any vantage point. Not just in terms of where your camera is, but you can view any data points you like across the wall, from any point in time.

You can even play back events in slow motion, or fast-forward through shears and shifts.

ARDI Users



ARDI Longwalls



See It All At Once

The more you see, the more you understand.

Looking at just one measurement rarely gives you the full picture.

ARDIs 3D presentation allows you to see many measurements at once - which help you understand what is really going on underground, without having to spend time investigating.

Virtual Reality

Use VR to see your wall in ways never before possible, from any point in time and space.

Augmented Reality

Deliver live data, history, procedures, instructions and interactive checklists directly to users, when and where they need it.

Interactive Photographs

Take users underground while never having to leave your office chair with 'Street View' for your mine.