Augmented Reality (AR) allows you to use your phone as a powerful field tool.

It gives people in the field easy access to up-to-date, accurate information on the assets around them.

It delivers the information when and where they need it, with minimal effort, and can do so on devices your staff are already familiar with – and in some cases are providing themselves.

Information can include…

  • Live Data
  • Historical Data
  • Manuals, specifications and safe work procedures
  • Maintenance history
  • Forms and check-sheets
  • Maps and Location Information
  • Connections with Other Assets

ARDI-AR delivers information in the simplest way possible – by simply looking at the asset through their smart device. No searching, no dealing with a half-dozen information systems, no calling the control room. Everything is there, literally at your fingertips, simply by using your phone as a window.

The information is clear, concise and contextual – they see details of the asset itself, and also critical information about other important nearby equipment – such as attached controllers, upstream temperature and pressure sensors, or the status of pumps.

It will even indicate if there are faults on up-stream equipment that might be causing issues, allowing you to quickly fault-find and troubleshoot problems, even in systems that users are unfamiliar with.

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