Understand and compare big data easily

Technology has moved on to where collecting your big data isn’t the problem – there are plenty of tools to help us do that

The issue is that we now have so much, we need to find out how we can actually understand it.

Create a three-dimensional version of your plant
that you can view from any angle and at any scale

Using the power of ARDI, you can not only create virtual environments without needing specialist staff to do so, but they come alive with real plant data.

You can see how process variables are changing across the entire facility, or get in close and inspect particular circuits for problems – absorbing hundreds or even thousands of points of information easily.

You can travel through time, taking the entire 3D world back to a previous point in history – then play it back at twenty-times speed to review a shift, or put it in slow motion to see how a fault began.

It also gives you the power to compare – to see differences in your plant between times, between actual and predicted outcomes, against simulations, or between day and night-shift*.

It also serves as an extremely effective collaboration tool, allowing users to exchange plant knowledge and make it easily understood by other levels of the organisation.

* Day/Night shift comparison based on discrete asset property values requires the Whengine addon.
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