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How does AR help my staff and my facility?

Bring it all together

ARDI makes it easy for staff to utilise your asset information by delivering it to them in the simplest way possible - by simply looking at the asset through their phone.

Having your information consolidated in one place is the first stage of the battle, but how do you get people to actually use it?

Augmented Reality removes all of the hoops users need to go through in order to access asset information, which removes all of the excuses for not utilising it. This ensures that people make well-informed decisions based on up-to-date information, rather than acting in the dark because of the annoyance of having to find the details they need from scattered sources.

By raising his phone, the user above has instant access to information from their...

Instrument Register
Drawings & Diagrams
Control System Data (Live and Historical)
Maintenance System Details
Procedures, Manuals and Documentation

Virtual Reality

Use VR to see your buildings, processes and facilities in ways never before possible, from any point in time and space.

Web Dashboards

Access simple dashboards, charts, media and maps through the ARDI web interface on any device with a modern web browser.

Interactive Photographs

Allow people to virtually visit sites, discover how to navigate, find critical equipment and work safely on-site.

Machine Learning & Advanced Reporting

Utilise your ARDI data for reporting, machine learning and more.

Powerful API

Create applications that integrate with ARDI or make use of the ARDI data easily with our web-based REST API.